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Rockweller invests in growth-oriented businesses which have the potential of becoming market leaders and typically remain active post-investment. We primarily focus in Europe but can consider investments beyond Europe.


We apply our entrepreneurial mindset and understanding of global best practice and leverage our exceptional network of contacts to support management teams in growing their businesses.


We tailor our investment to the companies’ needs and can consider all types of financing structures (growth, buy-out, buy-in, etc).

Rockweller has combined the best elements to pursue special situation transactions among solid mid-stage companies with good growth potential. We have a deep understanding of businesses we invest in, and employ active post-investment management techniques similar to an early-stage venture investor.


We take direct representation on the Board of Directors of the companies we invest in. However, we also have the expertise and ability to creatively structure these investments to offer new capital and liquidity to early investors, retire or restructure debt, and act as an outside lead for recapitalization.


This approach enables our portfolio companies to unlock potential by realigning company equity structures, investors and management toward growth-oriented goals.

Investment Criteria & Approach

Rockweller evaluates the following criteria when considering potential investment opportunities:

Customer Accepted Solutions for Rapidly Growing Markets.

Rockweller invests in rapidly growing companies that deliver solutions with a quantifiable return-on-investment. We also are interested in new, refined or reinvented solutions that are applicable to large existing markets where rapid payback can create high growth rates.

Exceptional Management Teams.

Rockweller looks for companies that have either complete or near-complete management teams with uncompromising integrity, intellectual honesty, ambition, deep experience and strong performance track records. In cases where the team is not complete, Rockweller is able to provide assistance in introducing and/or identifying excellent candidates with the skill set to help propel the company forward.

Innovative, Defensible and Differentiated Technology-Based Solutions.

We look for companies which have developed products or services that are innovative, differentiated and defensible. Mid-stage companies that only differentiate themselves by marketing or sales execution are vulnerable to incumbent technology companies. As an investor, Rockweller advises companies on upgrading marketing and sales capabilities, but the company must have technological advantages in the market first.

Recurring Revenue Models

Rockweller prefers to invest in growth stage companies that build long-term customer relationships with multiple sales and service opportunities. The high gross margins and operating leverage, as well as the attractive cash cycle, are some of the criteria for investment.

Opportunity to Simplify Capital Structure

Rockweller has the unique ability and experience to invest new capital into mid-stage companies and purchase full/partial equity positions from existing investors and founders. This often reenergizes the management team to execute on a sensible growth plan.

Exit Strategy.

Rockweller prefers a well-defined exit with multiple logical acquirers, as well as with a potential Initial Public Offering (IPO).


Industry Focus (Sectors)

We focus on the following core sectors, in which we have a proven track record and a deep international network of contacts:

  • Healthcare Services

  • e-Health Services and Solutions

  • Innovative and Advanced IT Technologies

  • Data and Information Analytics Technologies

  • Any innovative idea of business in a sector, other than from which are mentioning above, is always considered to be interesting for us to invest in.

Investment Criteria & Approach
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