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ROCKWELLER invests in mid-market Private Equity and Infrastructure, focuses among other sectors in healthcare and advanced IT technologies companies.


Company: ADACOM S.A.


Description: ADACOM is a Cyber security solution provider operating in Europe and the Middle East since 1999. Our clients are mainly Financial Institutions, Telecom Operators and Large organisations.

ADACOM is a part of Symantec Trust Network since 2000 and maintains two Certified Processing Centers, providing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services in accordance with EU Directive 1999/93 about a community framework for electronic signatures. ADACOM is certified against ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 and is an accredited trust service provider at EU Trusted list.

ADACOM is member of Leventis-David Group (Coca Cola 3E)

Country: GR
Year: 2000


Company: BIOAXIS Healthcare LTD

Description: BIOAXIS is a leading company offering patient management & support services. With its headquarters in the UK, it is the first company to offer certified cold-chain drug delivery & logistics services to its clients in accordance with the strictest GDP guidelines in selected countries of operation. Furthermore, as a strategic initiative it has turned its attention to the offer of holistic ehealth solutions that aim to satisfy the modernday needs of its clients.

Cooperation: ROCKWELLER and BIOAXIS made a strategic partnership to develop the expansion of BIOAXIS across Europe and beyond. ROCKWELLER participates, along with local partners, in the initial investment of each country and support the development of the business plan and the management structure.

Country: UK
Year: 2015

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BIOAXIS Healthcare ColorBlue PNG.png

Description: BIOAXIS SEE is a franchisee of BIOAXIS Healthcare Ltd and provides healthcare services in the territory of Greece and Cyprus. BIOAXIS SEE is the largest home nursing and patient support company in Greece and  consistently manages & supports thousands of patients every year on behalf of leading pharmaceutical & other healthcare companies within its territory.

Country: GR
Year: 2015

BIOAXIS Healthcare acquired by IQVIA in 2023



Description: CAREDOME is a franchisee of BIOAXIS Healthcare Ltd in the territory of Portugal.

CAREDOME participates in HEARTEN, a Project funded by European Union, with other eleven partners from six European countries, aiming to join forces to engage all actors related to the management of patients suffering from Heart Failure (HF), towards developing a multistakeholder patient centered mHealth ecosystem.


Country: PT
Year: 2015

BIOAXIS Healthcare ColorBlue PNG.png


Athens Medica

Athens Medica // Diabetes Center of Excellence is a centralized multispecialty polyclinic with primary and specialty clinics, lab, pharmacy, podiatry, mental health, and other therapies. In addition, pursue a multi‐site expansion by replicating the model throughout a multi-county service area. This multisite expansion would extend access to quality diabetes care in the greater target market, thereby having a widespread impact on the objectives of the organization.


Type: Equity Investment

Country: GR
Year: 2021



BIOAXIS Homecare

Homecare is transformed into a new generation of care ensuring a better quality of life for your loved ones and for you who take care of them. 

With multiple BIOAXIS Homecare stores around Athens and the biggest caregivers network.


Type: Equity Investment

Country: GR
Year: 2019




General Health Center S.A.

Diagnostics Athens - Thessaloniki

Country: GR
Year: 2021

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